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by | Apr 23, 2020 | Articles

A good signage design and environmental graphics go a long way informing and welcoming customers into a store. There are lots of Design Companies that are professional in creating impactful signage and environmental graphics and below are tips shared by these companies to create signage inspirations.

But what really makes for a successful sign? This remain a necessary question that need answers but we can only answer the question by first looking at signage design from firms that have excel in creating impactful signage and environmental graphics and they’ve been recognized in the signage & environmental graphics International Design Awards.

5 Key Elements of Effective Signage Design

The Right Information

When it comes to the functionality of signage design, one of those essential elements is simply the details being presented to the viewer. The information contained in a signage determines the success of the store. So you have to ask yourself: Does my sign include every detail people need? Is all of it absolutely necessary? Is any of it superfluous?

Pleasing Aesthetics

Also, while the information being presented is of the utmost importance, aesthetics is nearly just as critical. You should note that “ugly signs” can certainly communicate the right information, “but of course beautifully designed signage can and will engage the viewer in a more meaningful way.”

Good Legibility

Whether a sign is meant to help viewers navigate their way or identify what’s in front of them, and regardless of whether it captures people’s attention with its beauty and interest, it’s vital that its information be communicated clearly—which brings us to remember “Legibility,”

A signage designer should always design for readability. A designer once points out that we are always designing for the visually impaired resident. We need signs that will be received by our customer and not a design that will appear meaningless and not attractive.

Brand Connection

Can things still go wrong if a sign is aesthetically pleasing while communicating the right information in a legible way? A retailer should the answer is yes, if the overall piece doesn’t have a strong connection to the brand.

A Great Experience

Ben Alpert” also takes things a step further with his view on what it’s all about: the overall experience, from the moment you’re welcomed inside.


 For the type of branded environments we create, it’s about building an experience through the signage, he says. For this project, we weren’t hired for way-finding; we were hired to enhance the space with the corporate identity so the office feels like a seamless extension of the brand.

 Furthermore, the opening of Good Chemistry’s retail store gave us the perfect opportunity for curating signage to help create an educational and environmental brand experience, especially in a category where previous cannabis storefronts were a sliding window or gated entrance.

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