Shops, stores, hypermarkets and businesses in general need an effective way to properly equip their interior area in such way to enhance the consumer’s experience throughout their visit.

Investing to the decoration and your shop’s fitting is a great way to stand out and create a welcoming space for your customers. In a market where all consumers have countless options of stores to visit, maybe your investment to their experience might be the one thing separating you from your competition.

The importance of using materials which have a high quality is very important as to the longevity of the fit-outs and the overall image of a business.

Aside from dining furniture, Pissis has huge experience of shop fitting projects in their portfolio. From hypermarket décor furniture fit outs to interior wooden applications for businesses, petrol stations fittings etc.

Some of our clients locally are: Alphamega Hypermarkets, Sklavenitis, EKO, ENI, C2C Casinos, Hermes Airports, Shell and more.


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