Catchy signage you can’t afford to ignore as a retailer

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If you dream to have a successful retail business that will attract customers and drives sales, you should work more on awareness because advertisement is the key to a successful business, which sometimes starts with signage.

A business owner control opportunities once he’s able to design a Quality signage. Effective signage is the easiest way to attract and communicate with potential customers. However, if you don’t have a good signage, over-stimulation and misunderstanding can occur between you and your customers.

Why Place So Much Importance Role On Signage?

Signage is a necessary tool that persuades customers to make a purchase without making it necessary to ask sales staff some basic questions. Also, signs provide customers with sales information.

Good signage is meant to provide customers with full sales information and provide way-finding to products and their usage.

A business owner should know that once they understood the role a sign plays in a business, there are also some practices they should consider when thinking about store layout and signage.


However, irrespective of the signage you choose to use in your retail store, consider these best practices to have a good signage:

  • Be specific:  A customized sign should give just the right message in just the right place — a concept known as narrowcasting is the best.
  • Keep it simple: Your sign’s message needs to be clear and short, because signage with too much information is often ignored but it’s advisable you make use of different signs instead of just one when you have much information. Kindly eliminate many words for signs.
  • Write attractive headline that is strong enough to capture potential customers’ attention 


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The five most crucial types of retail signage you should consider for your store

1. Outdoor Signage

This is the most important aspect of retail business because it drive-in customers without having a close contact with the retailer. Outdoor signage decides the kind of impression a customer develop toward a business.

A good outdoor signage needs to be attractive and explanatory; it must draw in customers and persuade them to purchase something from you.

Also, Outdoor signage can take any form such as sidewalk signs, entrance signs or a window signs. Kindly make sure your signage is visible and try to erect it in a place where it will drive in traffic.

2. Informational Signage 

This important signage provides customers with necessary information that will help them to navigate the store easily because making things for customers will prompt them to patronize you again.

Also, Informational signage will help the consumer and retailer to know if the store is properly arranged with some rhyme or reason behind decision-making. Informational Signage does not only benefit your customers, but it also makes your internal structure more organized. 

3. Persuasive Signage

Persuasive signage as the name implies influences consumer behavior through convincing language or attractive imageries. These signs advertise or promote a product. Moreso, Persuasive signs influence customer flow and improve interactivity with other products.

Signs meant to showcase a product will surely offer an opportunity for retailers to communicate specific details of their items and allow brands to effectively communicate with customers. 

A retailer should know that a good Persuasive signs should be eye-catching and witty, though they are not the main attraction. The most effective signs draw customers to a product.

4. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Signage

This signage makes customers feel welcome because it offers accessibility and make customers experience comfort and feel enjoyable. A retailer employs this sign when he wants to give his customers the best and offer easy way to navigate a store.

Moreso, you need to inform potential customers that they can request an employee to bring the ramp to the door if your store makes use of ramp or intercom. However, if your store entrance is not the same as the main entrance, a sign at the main entrance should indicate where to find the accessible entrance.

Also, make sure you include Braille and tactile characters in a legible font to indicate bathrooms, elevators, entrance and exits way.

5. Mats

Don’t be surprise with the word mat, mat signage are actually the most versatile signage of all because they are also used for promotions and information purposes. Also, its use for branding helps to keep a store clean during inclement weather.

Mats can also be used for branding purposes, directional way-finding within the store or feature something as simple as your company’s logo. Mats helps to keep a store clean during inclement weather. Also, mats ease the stress employees impose on their bodies by standing for long periods of time.

Lastly, mats help to reduce employee stress by standing for long periods of time. Ergonomic, cushioned mats help workers feel relieved.

Moving Forward with Your Own Signage

Whenever you want to invest in any of the above listed type of signage, you need to envisage like you are entering a store for the first time, and what impression will you develop toward the store. Create a new and attractive brand that cut across your business. If you managed to do just that, you’ll be well on your way to leveraging signage to your retail advantage and cashing in while you’re at it. 

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